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Originally from Tanzania, Faith Eileen Kangero has had the privilege of living and studying in different countries including Kenya, the UK and Australia. She is a Social Justice Activist, Cross-Cultural Fanatic and an aspiring Domestic Violence Recovery Coach. 

Faith is also a Child & Family Case Manager by profession having worked in the only crisis unit in the State and currently works with a national-wide funded service provider where she manages cases under a state multifaceted child protection program which includes restoration, kinship, guardianship, adoption and long term care. 

Faith is also a natural creative and as a form of therapeutic self-care, Faith loves to write, make her own skin care, interior design and take on event decor for immediate kin!

Her personal experience with abuse and neglect has driven her passion for women and children's rights as she believes these rights are often culturally overlooked and fall in between the cracks of social justice.

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